What do I need to know about Sunday?

So glad you asked!
Let's get the basics out of the way:

2241 Mechanicsburg Rd,
Wooster, OH

Got it! Now, what's it like?

You're full of great questions!
Let's take a look!


You belong, you matter, and you're a part of a great story!  We're not judging you on where you've been or where you are. We're concerned about where you're going! Our heart is to welcome you into a culture of community and growth that are all centered on Jesus. Grab a cup of coffee and be yourself!


We're not just singing songs, and we're not just hearing a message. Worship is meant to be alive, engaging, and powerful! At West Hill, we're passionate about engaging with God's Word, pointing people to Jesus, and seeing lives changed.
Don't just hear... DO! 


Got kids? We've got you covered!
Looking for a Small Group to grow with? Got those, too!
Just need a good cup of coffee and a place to catch up? Check!
There's a little something for the whole family at West Hill! Click below to find out more!

Great! I want to know more!

No problem! Nothing is like being  in-person, but click below
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