Growing up is hard! We all need help along the way figuring it all out.
That's why we believe in growing together.
At Elevate, we're focused on learning how to build a relationship Jesus, how to share life with each other, and creating a safe place to be able to talk about anything.

Small Groups

Build the relationships. Share the  story.

Small Groups are groups of students who are intentionally going through life together with adult small group leaders. It's where we get to build relationships, ask big questions, help each other through life, and learn how to follow Jesus.  At Elevate, Small Groups are central to what we do. Lifelong friendships are built as we go through life, good and bad, together! 



Our mornings start up stairs with Bible study in The Attic, then we join the rest of our church family for Worship in the Auditorium.

5:00PM - 8:00PM

In the evenings, we get together to hang out in The Attic, play games with and against each other, hear a
message based on what we face in life, and spend time in Small Groups to grow even more!