No really, we do!
Nothing is better than investing in kids having fun, learning who Jesus is, and watching them grow! Hill Kids is about encouraging kids to build growing relationships with Jesus and with friends, to share the story of what God is doing, and to bring everyone they can!
There's a few things we focus on to make those things happen.


It doesn’t matter how dynamic the program is, if it’s not safe, the kids aren’t going. Parents also need to be able to trust that their kids are cared for so they can focus on what God has for them. That’s why all of our team members are background checked and approved before working directly with kids. Our security team is present every week, and our check-in system ensures only those authorized by parents can check out their children.


From the rock wall, to the lego station, to the teaching and worship, we want every environment kids are in to be fun and engaging! When kids are having fun, they're comfortable, relaxed, and so much more open to what God has for them. Your kids are going to have a great time in Hill Kids, and it's going to be great for them!


We don’t babysit, we do ministry with our kids! Everything we do is about Jesus. Our curriculum includes teaching videos, live teaching, small groups, and an application activity. Every lesson includes a Bible story, a bottom line, and discussion with an adult to help our kids connect Jesus to their lives. We even have resources for you to continue building on what we do on Sunday mornings!

Sunday Mornings


Newborn-5th grade


Newborn-5th Grade