Elevate Guatemala Mission Trip 7/13-19
Rex Young - cancer more active, bones weakening, pain worsening
Joel Gibbs - severely abscessed tooth, lots of pain & at risk of jaw breaking due to abscess spreading
Andrea Gibbs - pregnancy complications, scheduled c-section w/NICU time afterward
Leroy Raber (Mattie’s son in FL) - @rehab facility; continued progress & recovery, various therapies
Chase Burgress (Bill Burgress' son) - MRI of heart in a few weeks
Marsha Soest (Peg Shellhorn's sister) - stroke recovery
Levi (9yo son of Branden & Lauren Buxman) - leukemia; in remission w/continued treatments
Cynthia Risner (Mary Mullen’s sister) - nasal cancer, pray for wisdom in treatment decisions & joining a faith community
Pastor Daniel Telfort & family - continuing fruitful ministry & safety during ongoing lawlessness & violence in Haiti
Myrtle Hill (Robin Parker’s sister) - broken hip recovery @Smithville Western Care Center
Gloria (Mary Mullen’s friend) - brain tumor
Matt Dunn - continued improvements w/more writing; pray that therapy will start working w/him again to gain strength back