Ida Keim (Mattie Raber's niece, mother of 5) - diagnosed w/Lyme disease
Edwin (Mattie Raber's b-in-law) - fainting & memory loss; Dr. appt. 6/1
Brian (Annette) Steiner - surgery recovery @home, awaiting biopsy results
The Rudy family (Smithville family connected to Hiltys) on the death of their 3yo daughter, Hope, due to a tragic accident
Vickie Hunter (Patty Alwine’s sister) - port put in, starting chemo 5/31
Sara Mast (Joel’s mom) - back in Cleveland Clinic (Main) for cancer-related treatment
Ida Nisley (Mattie Raber's mom) - hospice care @home & nearing her home-going
Wyman Yoder (Mattie Raber's b-in-law) - stage IV cancer, @Union Hosp. in Dover

Lloyd Shellhorn - biopsy results
Joan (Connie Cline-Masaro's sister) - chemo
Jean Von Ratibor - cancer, palliative care
William (Bill) Brown (Janine Maglott’s dad) - Hospice; praise: accepted Christ as Savior
Julia Boswell - Hodgkins Lymphoma
Matt Dunn - continued, slow improvement @Shady Lawn
Alicia Pyle (Robin Parker’s niece) - placed on liver transplant list