Military, first responders, & government officials
Our missionaries
Daniel Telfort - civil unrest & violence in Haiti
Connie Badon - receiving chemotherapy via infusion for 4-6 months
Peggy Shellhorn - hip replacement surgery @WCH 12/5, that insurance will allow follow-up therapy @WCH
Fran Smith - @WCH, spinal procedure 12/6
Janine Maglott - cataract surgery 12/7 & 12/22
Shayla Maki (Kris Burgess's niece) - monthly scans to monitor cyst on unborn baby’s brain
Matt Dunn - continuing to fight infections
Jada Bellamy - heart attack recovery
Karen Bright - knee replacement surgery recovery
Dan Sparr family on the passing of his father
Linda Kline & family on the death of her husband, Robert